My growing up daughter will like and learn from this…Shukran to the writer…MashaAllah..

Stories for Muslim Kids

In a tiny village, a ten-year old boy lived with his parents. This boy had a bad temper. Angry_boy colouring page

He would get angry very easily and often threw tantrums. He taunted his friends, neighbours, smaller children and even strangers with his hurtful words. This made his parents very sad indeed.

When he spoke, he would sometimes forget to control his anger and choose the wrong words. When he disliked something, he would not hold back on his harsh opinions. More and more of his friends and neighbours started to avoid him. muslim parents coloring page

His parents began to notice this and tried to advise him frequently. Unfortunately, all their attempts failed.

Finally, the boy’s father came up with an idea. One day, his father gave him a huge bag of nails.

bag of nailsHe asked his son to hammer one nail to the fence each time he became angry or whenever he lost his temper. The boy found it hilarious but he decided to follow his…

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That thing called respeto (respect)…

That thing called respeto (respect).

Having to live since young with kids whose families’ faith and predispositions are very diverse from mine, I was able to perceive values and practices that are indeed very essential in attaining PEACE not just in school, in the workplace but in the university of life in general.

We know always that it’s more of giving that thing called “respeto” (respect). We just need to respect each other even if our cultures are different. We just have to collectively believe that the more we do respect others, the easier we’ll be able to see their true worth thereby giving up prejudices and when we give up prejudices, it will be very possible for us to get along well with the world without forgetting our roots or where we came from, in my case, my Filipino Muslim Meranao roots.

Special kudos and thanks due to my parents for sending me to schools dominated by non-Muslims in the municipality of Malabang province of Lanao del Sur, Mindanao, located in the southern part of the Philippines where I befriended individuals who like me as they say were truthful and good followers in their respective religious convictions. Notwithstanding the differences of our cultures, I was able to spend my younger years with them in high spirits.

Most of my friends in Metro Manila part, mistaken me as a mestizo (half Muslim) if not totally Christian blooded because of my ability to speak Tagalog fluently and my seemingly unusual relationship with the non-Muslims. I would then tell them how I was brought up in a prejudice Catholic schools and tell them the good news of understanding and love as heavenly cure/solution for the wounds inflicted by the past. In addition I said, we also need to learn how to pay that thing called respeto (respect). That most of the time it is not for the reason we thought that we get upset, but rather it’s the treatment we receive from other people. We get mad when we realize others don’t care about how we feel especially when we committed mistakes and consequently receive reactions or comments that may automatically be associated to our culture and usually religion.

If such job is really for me, it will be for me and if it’s not, then it will not

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Last month, I applied to a vacant position in one of the Philippine government agencies. Exactly a month thereafter, I got invited for a competency written exam to which I attended the other day.

Beforehand, I studied so hard to prepare myself for the said competency assessment. I’ve been reading so many articles about the hiring agency’s mission, vision, and core values and actually anything under the sun including some sample exams I found in the internet which accordingly are commonly given by various government offices to its job applicants. I also tried to search for issues confronting the said agency both current and past. I familiarized myself with the way interview questions are being asked and even tried to learn different ways on how to attack them as well as searching for the best answers to some job application related questions.

To my surprise the exam consisted only of three essay questions on certain leadership skills which questions were going to be answered for two hours and with minimum of two hundred words answers per question. I thanked God I was done on time however I was not able to double-check anymore whether all my answers to those three questions reached two hundred words each but I am hoping they did. All I’m sure of is that, I was able to apply some of the learning I read relative to the issues that were fortunately raised during the exam. Minutes before I left the exam venue, I had asked the HR representative when will I be able to receive a notice about the result and she said, hopefully before this month ends. I expressed thanks to her and finally left with the hope that I can hear from them soon whether I am qualified to go back to their agency for further application stages and hoping eventually I will be hired.

I want to move on. I’ve been bothered in my current job especially during office hours by so much thinking, reading, reviewing and sometimes even memorizing some not so common terminologies in preparation of the said exam and in anticipation perhaps of the interview invitation thereafter.

At the end of the day, just like what I always say, if such job is really for me, then it’s for me and if it’s not, then it’s not but what matters so as not to regret and blame myself, is that I did my best. After all, God decides on whether or not we will be the right person for a particular thing although I’ve been praying a lot for this and been hoping that I will get it.